The Bradenton Marauders Logo is Dead Sexy

McKechnie Field, Bradenton, FL

McKechnie Field, Bradenton, FL

The Bradenton Marauders logo is dead sexy.  It uses the same black and yellow color scheme as the MLB parent organization Pittsburgh Pirates and plays with the same pillage-and-plunder motif to boot.  This finely crafted logo piqued my interest in graphic design and compelled me to investigate the principles of this persuasive black art.  An exhaustive Google search of at least 5 seconds led me to Andrew Mundi’s excellent presentation describing the Principles of Graphic Design.  Here I found the incantations necessary for creating such a striking image.  Would you care to join me upstairs for a nightcap as I reveal its secrets?

Bradenton Marauders logoThe topmost internal contour suggests the female breast and the composition of the B contains soft, gentle curves accented by two seductive apices, each contributing to a lively rhythm of excited anticipation.  An enlarged serif at the base extends outward and downward, with a rakish confidence.  The visual language of the logo is stable, front-oriented, thick, large, and overstated.  The incongruous color harmony of black and yellow portends danger; taboo, if you will.  Finally, a columnal stem of ample girth marks the script typography and hints at penetration of a narrow opening.

Now listen, Marauders B may embody these characteristics but he has no time for academics.  In fact, he has no more time for you.  Marauders B will never cuddle in bed and watch The Office with you.  Marauders B will break your heart.  Marauders B has tattoos he regrets, but he would never admit that to you.  Marauders B never wears an undershirt and always leaves the top three buttons undone.  Marauders B’s beard is perpetually three days long and smells of the finest spiced rum.  You dare not ask Marauders B if he applies eye liner or if those eyes are naturally sultry.  Marauders B no longer returns Lana Del Rey’s calls.  The fields in his native homeland smell of olives and jasmine.  Rumor is he killed a man there, and that man did not deserve to die.  Two weeks from now, when he mistakenly calls you, Marauders B won’t give a damn if your sister is in town and just broke up with her boyfriend.  You’re coming over tonight and you better be wearing that top he likes.  You know, the sexy one.  Marauders B will plunder your hidden treasures.  Like the oaken barrels that mellow his rum, Marauders B’s soul is charred.




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