The Power and the Glory of Ricardo Taveras

kick out the jams madeleineMadeleine Albright once said, “The sound of baseball on the radio makes me horny.”  To each her own, as the saying goes, but the visceral effect of some voices is undeniable nonetheless.  The BBB  expressed previously its admiration for the voice of Dave Wills, English-language radio broadcaster for the Tampa Bay Rays on WDAE, 620 AM, and now we will  express admiration for another.

Having spent our formative years in the sultry caldron that is Hialeah, Florida, we developed a fondness for the euphony of the Spanish language, despite never learning to speak it fluently.  For this reason we are quite impressed with the subject of today’s post and we are very excited to bring it to you.   The voice you are about to hear is both urgent and compelling, as you will soon discover.

A brief note is in order before we roll tape.  The BBB editorial staff instructed the audio-visual department to capture video of the Rays Spanish-language broadcasters, Enrique Oliu and Ricardo Taveras, calling a game versus the Chicago White Sox on September 29th, 2012.  The audio-visual department joined the BBB en masse via the employee referral program, courtesy of the official BBB photographer, known incompetent and consistent under-performer.  So, it will come as no surprise to the reader that this crack staff, given its assignment, proceeded to prop up an iPad atop an ironing board, and aim it in the general direction of a television while a nearby portable radio blasted the sounds of WGES 680 AM.

Remarkably, the results are sufficient for our purposes, and it could be said the general effect is quite nice, although unintended, and reminiscent of the film technique whereby directors briefly show trivial events being displayed on a television, in order to bring into sharper relief the much more interesting concerns of the film’s plot.  The difference here is that the events on the television, and more importantly, the descriptions of said events heard over the airwaves, are the stars of the show.

ricky tSo, having produced enough ado, the BBB presents to you…

the power…

and the glory…

of Ricardo Taveras:


WARNING:  Before pressing play, prepare sufficient personal space for the flurry of nerdly fist pumps you will execute during home run calls.

It should go without saying that while preparing this post, many of the BBB staff thoroughly annoyed their office mates at the end of each day by shouting “¡ABREME LA PUERTA PORQUE ME VOY!  ¡ADIÓS!”.  (Open the door for me because I’m going!  Goodbye!)  Following dumb ideas offered at meetings, “¡SWIIIING …ABANICA, SIÉNTATE!” was the chorus call (Swing and a miss, sit down!).  And in case the reader should ever forget, Ricardo Taveras will remind you, “¡Esto es béisbol de Grandes Ligas!”


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