Create Video Success: Digital Pompadour

The right place and the right time have rendezvoused quite a lot recently within sight of the official BBB videographer.   This past Saturday it happened at Digital Domain Park in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  The videographer, who isn’t very talented but tries real hard, arrived early and took his assigned seat next to an amiable old man from Poughkeepsie.  While taking the first bite from something called a “knish”, the videographer overheard the Poughkeepsian say, “Get a load of this guy’s hairdo.”  The videographer looked up, stopped chewing immediately, and then searched desperately for his camera.

Now, women are generally expected to arrange their hair into a pleasing coiffure from time to time, if not every business day and most romantic evenings.  For men however, a beautiful arrangement of hair is a rare treat indeed.  It is for this reason the videographer seems especially taken with the appearance of this strange man and his alluring pompadour.  The video is a success because the software used to create it tells us so.   (The video for this post did not survive the transition from the old site, but this picture will suffice.)

featured image

Despite occasional flights of fancy, the BBB videographer is a true gentleman, and as such, does not succumb to base desires.  Therefore, there is no way, no possible way, he might have grabbed that strange man’s head and rubbed his cheeks through its unimaginable fluffiness, back and forth, slowly and smoothly, in a manner not unlike the spreading of icing on a cake.  No possible way.