Zach Powers Hits Two Grand Slams in front of God and Everybody


On Sunday at McKethan Stadium – Perry Field, the beautiful weather was not so much sent to us by the heavens as much as it was bestowed upon us for appearing at communion.  The high reached 54° F, the winds were occasional, and the sky was 100% clear.  The smiling sun radiated warmth onto our grateful faces and we were gladdened by it and we forgave it of its summer sins.  Ospreys soared toward their nests atop light poles and Spanish moss curved gently in the distance.

Why did Don Shula fight off the Conquistadors at the Battle of Little Havana in 1970?  It was so we might enjoy days like this.  Even outposts have altars.  Even savages need worship.

Once again placing a visual obstruction between himself and his subject, the official BBB photographer snapped the photo shown above – the only photo he was to take that day – in the bottom of the seventh inning, mere moments before Zach Powers hit a grand slam over the right field wall.  Then, greedily, Mr. Powers hit another grand slam in the bottom of the eighth.  Coincidence?  The official BBB photographer is prideful and thinks not.