UT Baseball Ties, Sets Records during Seventeen-Run, Eight-HBP Inning

Here’s a baseball happening you’ve never heard of before.  Eight batters were hit by a pitch and seventeen runs accumulated during a single inning Saturday.  These record-setting events occurred during the seventh inning of game one of a double header between Eckerd College and the University of Tampa.  The HBPs set an NCAA record (across all divisions) for the most during a single inning and the seventeen runs scored in one inning tied a UT record.  One batter, Stephen Dezzi, was hit by a pitch during two different plate appearances in the inning that saw seven pinch hitters used.

From the UT baseball website (formatting by the BBB):

Tampa 7th – Witkowski to p for Owens. Ding singled to right center (2-2). O’Brien hit by pitch (1-0); Ding advanced to second. Zimmerman hit by pitch (3-1); O’Brien advanced to second; Ding advanced to third. Schrader hit by pitch, RBI (0-0); Zimmerman advanced to second; O’Brien advanced to third; Ding scored. Gawrych hit by pitch, RBI (3-2); Schrader advanced to second; Zimmerman advanced to third; O’Brien scored. Horsfield to p for Witkowski. Pippin pinch hit for Pendleton. Pippin singled up the middle, 2 RBI (0-2); Gawrych advanced to second; Schrader scored; Zimmerman scored. Dezzi pinch hit for Tillotson. Dezzi hit by pitch (0-0); Pippin advanced to second; Gawrych advanced to third. Obrochta singled up the middle, 2 RBI (1-0); Dezzi advanced to second; Pippin scored; Gawrych scored. Danner walked (3-1); Obrochta advanced to second; Dezzi advanced to third. Pagliarulo pinch hit for Ding. Pagliarulo singled to right field, RBI (0-0); Danner advanced to second; Obrochta advanced to third; Dezzi scored. Alvord pinch hit for O’Brien. Alvord singled to left field, RBI (1-2); Pagliarulo advanced to second; Danner advanced to third; Obrochta scored. Franklin pinch hit for Zimmerman. Franklin hit by pitch, RBI (0-1); Alvord advanced to second; Pagliarulo advanced to third; Danner scored. Hughes pinch hit for Schrader. Langs to p for Horsfield. Hughes reached on a fielder’s choice, RBI (2-0); Franklin out at second 3b to 2b; Alvord advanced to third; Pagliarulo scored. Lowery pinch hit for Gawrych. Lowery struck out looking (2-2). Pippin walked (3-2); Hughes advanced to second. Dezzi hit by pitch, RBI (2-2); Pippin advanced to second; Hughes advanced to third; Alvord scored. Obrochta hit by pitch, RBI (3-2); Dezzi advanced to second; Pippin advanced to third; Hughes scored. Danner singled to first base, RBI (1-1); Obrochta advanced to second; Dezzi advanced to third; Pippin scored. Pagliarulo singled to left center, 2 RBI (0-0); Danner advanced to second; Obrochta scored; Dezzi scored. Clagg to p for Langs. Alvord singled up the middle (2-2); Pagliarulo advanced to second; Danner advanced to third. Franklin reached on a fielding error by 3b (0-0); Alvord advanced to second; Pagliarulo advanced to third; Danner scored, unearned. Hughes singled up the middle, RBI (2-0); Franklin advanced to second; Alvord advanced to third; Pagliarulo scored. Lowery popped up to 1b (1-0). 17 runs, 9 hits, 1 error, 3 LOB.

Astute readers may remember the BBB once criticized those who highlight failure with glee, and will point out that in today’s post, thanks to the bleeding-edge technologies of the Blogger-brand blogging platform, that we have literally highlighted failure with glee.  So be it.


Tino Martinez Joins Marlins Coaching Staff

Marc Topkin informs us that Tino Martinez will join the Miami Marlins as hitting coach for the 2013 season.  Mr. Martinez is probably most well-known for winning eleventy world championship rings while playing for the Yankees and also for standing in line in front of me once at the Channelside movie theater.  Yes, it was a special moment for both of us.

This is also an opportune time to mention that Mr. Martinez used to play for the University of Tampa, as evidenced here on the UT list of Spartans drafted into the majors.  And by the way, the UT baseball season begins in just 15 days.  UT schedule here.  The ballpark there at UT offers a pleasing vista of downtown Tampa, which you can enjoy while scarfing down freshly-grilled hotdogs and calling kinfolk up north to brag that you’re watching baseball on February 1st.


The Giant Net of Spartan Baseball

The only conclusion to be drawn from the current netting solution erected around University of Tampa’s baseball field is that Paul Bunyan has signed a letter of intent to play for the Spartans.  Yes, it is true I suspect, the mythical lumberjack will retire his double blade axe and hobnail boots in favor of a baseball bat and cleats, thus necessitating the frighteningly large net beyond the outfield wall.  The stubbled and brawny masher may stand 63 ax handles high, but he pales in comparison to the giant enmeshment, whose very existence alters the migratory patterns of avian wildlife and can clearly be seen from outer space:


Several questions abound:

  • Why is the foul pole so short if the net is so tall?SAM_0767 - Copy
  • We know Bunyan can fell the timber, but will he bring the lumber?
  • Considering the copious fecal output of Babe the Blue Ox, will the head groundskeeper ever need budget for fertilizer again?
  • Will the thunderous crack of Bunyan’s mighty club break dormitory windows, thereby frightening the genteel, and totally not slutty, coeds of Straz Hall?
  • Will the net be repurposed for missile defense?