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  1. Heres my list real quick:1. Kauffman Stadium Kansas City Royals Havent been to a game in an era when they’ve been good but I love this ballpark. Did see Grienke win a few games (broke my heart he got tredad). Great wide-open outfield area with the spectacular fountains and huge scoreboard. The new updates only added to its greatness. Just something about this ballpark I love.2. PETCO Park San Diego Padres Great climate, the ballpark had some character and feel to it. Plus its in a fun part of town.3. Minute Maid Park Houston Astros I miss the Killer B’s. Sliding roof is cool as well as the train on the outfield stadium wall.4. Coors Field Colorado Rockies Caught a great day game here on a beautiful day. The fans also really love their team which adds to the enjoyment. This ballpark also has some great character and design.5. Safeco Field Seattle Mariners. Fun ballpark near Downtown Seattle. Got to see Griffey bat one last time, i think it was this past season right before he retiredOld school 1. The Astrodome Still love that place

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