Yao-Lin Wang Dominates America!

Hello readers.  We’re back with another regularly-scheduled occasional post.  This time we bring you video from last night’s matchup between the Daytona Cubs and Tampa Yankees at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

The BBB scouting department, which employs zero actual scouts, recently invested in the 2013 Baseball America Prospect Handbook.  This $32.95 purchase ushers in a new day for the BBB.  No longer will we sit in confused ignorance as nameless minor league jerseys perform athletic feats before us.  Now we have backstories, scouting reports, draft and contract details for the top thirty prospects in each MLB organization.  It is really quite nice to read a quick summary of a player as he approaches the plate, then see those descriptions come alive before you during the at-bat.  Does the batter have a long swing, quick hands, trouble with breaking pitches, or above-average gap power?  It’s pretty neat to learn these things then be able to see them for yourself during the plate appearance.    This does become problematic however, when you’re trying to read and watch the game at the same time.  Frequently, there is the urge to press pause on some non-existent life remote.

Moving on to things we can control, let’s proceed to the video.  This game had several highly-ranked prospects.  Javier Baez is the no. 1ranked prospect in the Cubs organization.  The Yankees had their no. 1-, 3-, and 7-ranked prospects on display in Mason Williams, Gary Sanchez, and Angelo Gumbs, respectively.  Interestingly, each of these top Yankee prospects went down on strikes to Taiwanese RHP Yao-Lin Wang.   Wang boasts a 9.68 K/9 across 183 minor league innings, dating back to 2010.  He’s not listed in the Prospect Handbook but it was fun to watch nonetheless as he pitched four innings, striking out five batters, and only gave up one hit and a walk.

This video also features #3-ranked Yankees prospect, catcher Garry Sanchez.

Additionally, the videos sparked some interest from a Taiwanese baseball site, mlbtw.net.  The BBB received a secret back channel communication from the proprietor of that fine internet outpost requesting permission to share the videos with the glorious people of Taiwan.  Rejoice, Taiwan, for on this day your right-handed hero dominates America!  We welcome the Taiwanese people and their virtuous women to the BBB.  Please join us for some freshly-squeezed American baseball and orange juice.


The Tasing of a Fat Man

Polite society will not long abide the rowdy propositioning of a purposeful young man by a shiftless old tosspot, brain awash in the finest malted barley single-A baseball has to offer.  Polite society will, however, capture this moment on video and post it on YouTube for all the world to enjoy.  Like any proper Florida baseball game, the video below proceeds at a leisurely pace, is rife with catcalls and heckling, and culminates in the tasing of an unmanageable fat man.

The Daytona Cubs website offers this description of the setting:  “The Budweiser Bullpen is located down the right field line. It offers a unique view of the game.”  Yes, on this day it certainly did that.  Oh boy, it did a lot of that.

The Cubs website also details the alcohol policy: 

Fans must be 21 years of age with positive identification to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. The Daytona Cubs reserve the right to suspend service at any time at the sole discretion of the Cubs management and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Apparently, Cubs management, in concert with the local constables, also reserves the right to suspend the proper functioning of your nervous system should you publicly and loudly offer a “bag of pennies” to see another man’s “heinie”.   Fair enough, I say.

Witness the long, coiled, crackling arm of the law:


If you’ve already wasted 9 minutes of your life watching the first video, what’s another minute and 20 seconds?