Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field

This post serves little purpose other than to share the following information:

  • The BBB recently traveled to see the University of Miami host Florida State at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field.
  • There is actually a ballpark named “Alex Rodriguez Park”.  This fact becomes somewhat less surprising when you consider he paid for it.

To be precise, he contributed $3.9 million dollars to its construction upgrades.  The alumni were somewhat displeased that his name was affixed to the stadium’s scoreboard.  The school frequently refers to the stadium as “The Light”, in reference to Mark Light, son of the stadium’s original benefactor. Mark died of muscular dystrophy.

  • You may recognize the name Charlie Leibrandt, former left-handed pitcher of the crafty variety for Kansas City.  According to Royals Review, Mr. Leibrandt is the twenty-fifth greatest Royal of all time.  His son, Brandon Leibrandt, is the pitcher in the video below.  He is also a lefty.  Still a college pitcher, his level of craft is yet to be determined.  He gives up a walk to Hurricane batter Dale Carey, ranked eighty-fifth in the College Top 100 prospect list of the 2013 Baseball America Prospect Handbook.  This is the BBB’s favorite new book.
  • The batting cages are named the “Pat Burrell Batting Cages”.  We’ve not fully researched this, but we’re jumping to a conclusion as to why they are named this.

Pat Burrell did not perform well as a Tampa Bay Ray.  He was paid quite handsomely while not performing well.

  • High above the Light, and many other ballparks, the American flag continues to fly.  There is really no point to the video below, other than to show you that Brandon Leibrandt exists, Dale Carey exists, a scoreboard with the words “Alex Rodriguez Park” exists, and most assuredly, the American flag still exists.

UCF Tailgaters



It should be clear to the reader that this American baseballing scene takes place both on the campus of the University of Central Florida and on a chilly day.  The official BBB photographer makes the setting apparent within the photo’s composition through the skillful inclusion of not one, but two UCF logos.  The fact that this past Saturday was chilly is evidenced by the jacket-and-cargo-shorts ensembles on display.  What is also clear is the tailgating assembly is perched on the wrong side of the Jay Bergman Field scoreboard.

The tailgating UCF man cares not for what is being tallied on the scoreboard, for he already knows the score.  The score is he has a beer in his hand and you have a Dasani.  The score is he drives the vehicular truck God intended a man to drive and you drive a Chrysler Sebring, or some such nonsense.  The score is he has a smoking hot girlfriend, and sometimes Katelyn, in the back of that F150, lets him do to her what God intended a man do to a woman.   And that’s all that really matters, iddn’t?

The UCF tailgating gentleman practices more than just lust however, for he is after all, an Associate practitioner of the Arts, and in just three to four years will become a Bachelor of said Arts.  As a natural consequence of these facts, he recognizes the eight American greenbacks currently residing in his billfold might better be spent on more Natty Light, and not on admission tickets to see what can clearly be seen for free, from the grassy parking lot, a scant 350 feet away.


The Giant Net of Spartan Baseball

The only conclusion to be drawn from the current netting solution erected around University of Tampa’s baseball field is that Paul Bunyan has signed a letter of intent to play for the Spartans.  Yes, it is true I suspect, the mythical lumberjack will retire his double blade axe and hobnail boots in favor of a baseball bat and cleats, thus necessitating the frighteningly large net beyond the outfield wall.  The stubbled and brawny masher may stand 63 ax handles high, but he pales in comparison to the giant enmeshment, whose very existence alters the migratory patterns of avian wildlife and can clearly be seen from outer space:


Several questions abound:

  • Why is the foul pole so short if the net is so tall?SAM_0767 - Copy
  • We know Bunyan can fell the timber, but will he bring the lumber?
  • Considering the copious fecal output of Babe the Blue Ox, will the head groundskeeper ever need budget for fertilizer again?
  • Will the thunderous crack of Bunyan’s mighty club break dormitory windows, thereby frightening the genteel, and totally not slutty, coeds of Straz Hall?
  • Will the net be repurposed for missile defense?