Notre Dame Socks


All base runners know they are not alone on those treacherous paths between the bases.  They know they will be guided and  reassured by the calming voices of former combatants, stationed conveniently at first and third base.  Those sage voices will alert them to the current game state, as well as any potential threats and opportunities at hand.


However, shrewd as they may be, to the young men of Notre Dame baseball, these counselors must seem a little comical as well.  How else would you describe a fully- and plumply-grown man wearing such socks?  Imaginative men’s hosiery, like any outlandish fashion contrivance really, is best left to the youngsters.  If your brain will allow it, take note of these seemingly incongruous facts:  Jesse Woods, first base coach and leader of young men, is both an object of reverence and of comic relief.



Ejection Video: Lelo Prado, USF Bulls

When this BBB contributor sits down to ponder things worthy of his desire, a long-running series of excellent ejection videos is somewhere near the top of the list.  In this inaugural case study of baseballing banishment, we find what is generally frowned upon at the office and in the home is encouraged vigorously at the ballpark. 

If the authority figures in your baseballing life displease you, register your complaint by yelling at them and calling them names.  Your vociferant tirade will yield an infinitesimal chance of reversing the call, but that’s not what’s important here.  You are a leader of men.  As such, you are also an object of female desire.  What’s important to the young colts and lustful ladies out there is seeing you Do Something.  That’s very important in today’s culture.  You don’t want to be caught not doing something when Doing Something is required.  Gesticulate wildly.  Make liberal use of your outraged index finger and jab it repeatedly at the source of your frustration.  When you can pull off the finger jab successfully, consider narrowly missing the recipient’s face next time.  It’s very dramatic that way.  You know you’re doing it right when onlookers, wearing similarly colored attire as you, join in the fracas by yelling “bullshit” repeatedly.  At this point, you now have the respect and admiration of your rabble-rousing comrades.

Ejectee:  Lelo Prado, Head Coach, USF Bulls

Ejection date:  March 20, 2012

Location:  USF Baseball Stadium

Funny little thing that happened:  Umpire’s right leg during ejection, followed by the arms-crossed, I’m-ignoring-you posture.


Things That Could Fit Under Daniel Rockhold

The video above is of the distinctively, and might I say, prodigiously posed Daniel Rockhold, the 6′ 3″ senior third baseman and catcher for the USF Bulls baseball club.  His stance is quite remarkable in that it spans almost all six feet of batter’s box length skillfully outlined by the USF grounds crew and their li’l fluffy white powder wagon.  His wide stance is so remarkable, in fact, the author spent more time than he should have attempting to enumerate humorous objects that might fit or could be rolled underneath Daniel Rockhold while he attempts to strike at a baseball.  To wit:  (1) a flagpole, (b) a car axle, (iii) a skilled limbo dancer confident in his own sexuality, or perhaps, curious about Daniel Rockhold’s.  It should be noted it took the author an exceedingly long time to generate even this modest list and he feels somewhat lacking in creativity at the moment as a result.

Comments from someone claiming to be, or quite possibly THE, Daniel Rockhold, skillfully copied and pasted from the old site:

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